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Chinese painting Ц it is a world of spirit wandering, a thought covered with symbols, the music of Qi and one more step to reach the Great Way.

the process of making a painting
The path leads through the dark corridor into a little room. A beam of the spring light comes from the window. There is a vase with a fresh sprig of flowering apricot on the windowsill. A pair of golden fishes is playing in the pot. There is a piece of the snow-white paper, a fine inkstone, a carved frame for brushes and mineral painting colors. A teapot with Yunnan tea spreads its mild scent. Before the table there is a painter and the painterТs thoughts...

He had no light and shadows, he had only a line, an ink, a color and a skill to understand the philosophy of the world. In the atmosphere of intimacy and quietness he was creating his works during a very long time. He tried to reach the spirit of Nature in the variety of its forms, sound of energy, rhythm and plasticity of the shape, following the concept of Dao Ц sincerity cheng. Zhuangzi said: “Without your own sincerity and open-heartedness you canТt excite others”.

What did the ancient Chinese painter see? What secrets of the Universe were opened to him?

So letТs start our travelling throughout mountains and streams, wonderful gardens full of birds and flowers, look in the palaces of charming fairies and get the pearl of the immortal beauty...

Kseniya Wang
Chinese Meticulous Painting Studio
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